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dear tea co by Katelyn & family

Tea is my favorite way to bring joy to my dears! - Katelyn

My grandpa and I used to drink tea together all the time. A former coffee shop owner and tea enthusiast, my grandpa inspired me to drink more tea in college when he'd send teas my way for the long nights of studying. He said it was the healthier option between coffee and tea, casually joking that it was his fault I became addicted to coffee. Tea was at first just a yummy drink, yet it slowed down my hectic days as the tea brewing process is slow, precise, and intentional. Before I knew it, I was reading about the different types of teas and exploring local tea shops to try the vast selection of teas out there. Always stocked with tea leaves in my cabinets, I hosted tea tasting parties and gave customized tea gifts to friends and family.  I'd find comfort and joy in the nostalgic feeling when they told me they enjoyed the teas--just like when I told my grandpa how much I loved and appreciated his teas. 

At Dear Tea Co, we want to share with you a curated selection of teas that have brought joy to our lives. Through our teas, we hope for you to not only develop a sense of which teas fit your palette but also discover ones you'd think those around you would love. Let's keep spreading the love for tea and making this tea revolution stronger and more joyful!


Cheers to good tea!

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