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Dear Tea Co is excited to share a loose-leaf addition to our curated tea collection: jasmine green teas from CIAO.


Rong and Levi, our friends and the co-founders of Shifting Senses and CIAO, have blessed us with jasmine green teas that embody excellence and commitment to the craft of scented tea. The most premium scented teas require an exceptional green tea base and the highest quality of jasmine buds. Rong's deep understanding of temperature, heating method, and even wind direction in the teamaking process further contributes to the unparalleled final product.  Savoring these jasmine teas is truly an elevated experience of taste, aroma, and Chinese culture.


Each of the four jasmine teas offers unique energy through the different green tea bases and crafting. Nonetheless, they all capture the true essence and purity of the jasmine flower.

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