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Chawan with Spout

Chawan with Spout


Echeri Ceramics x Dear Tea Co Chawan


a spouted matcha bowl designed with ample space for whisking and ease of grip



-food safe

-dishwasher safe (handwash recommended)


Note: While the color of the glaze is most accurately represented in the first product photo, there may be slight variances from one chawan to another. 

  • About Echeri Ceramics

    We are so happy to collaborate with Echeri Ceramics and offer our dear customers a beautiful spouted chawan (matcha bowl). 


    Founded by a husband-wife duo based in Sacramento, Echeri Ceramics offers a line of functional, yet playful handmade pieces. The name "Echeri" is inspired by the word "Earth" in the Purepecha language spoken in Michoacán, the hometown of both potters. Thoughtful in both design and choice of material, their work speaks to their values as artists and as people. 


    Together, we have designed a spouted matcha bowl that will be your favorite companion when whisking matcha! The size and shape of the bowl are perfect for the vigorous whisking necessary to create the foam on matcha. The weight of the bowl and the glaze selection give the bowl an ease of grip for that effortless pour. We are excited for you to have your Echeri Ceramics x Dear Tea Co chawan! 

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