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Unkaku Matcha

Unkaku Matcha

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Koicha grade ceremonial grade matcha


Suitable for making koicha (thick matcha)


Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Producer: Marukyu Koyamaen


40g tin

    • Brewing Guide

      How To Prepare Koicha (Thick Matcha)

      2 tsp (4g) matcha powder
      1/8 cup (30ml) water at 176F (80C)


      1. Sift matcha powder into a bowl.

      2. Soften the bamboo whisk by submerging it in hot water for 30 seconds before whisking.

      3. Add water to the matcha powder. Gently and slowly mix the matcha with the water by using circular, kneading motions until you get a creamy, paint-like consistency. 

      4. Enjoy your bowl of koicha.  


      Katelyn's Tips:

      • Matcha has a tendency to clump, so sifting ensures a smoother texture. In the case you do not have a sieve, take the edge of your tea scoop or spoon and draw vertical and horizontal lines across the powder to separate as many clumps as possible. Envision drawing a 4x4 tic-tac-toe grid. 

      • For usucha: whisking vigorously means to whisk at a fast pace so you can aerate the matcha. Keep the whisk in one plane as you whisk back and forth. Avoid pressing the whisk into the bottom of the bowl although gently scraping the bowl sometimes cannot be avoided. 

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